Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Childminder Fees

In 2014/15, the suggested Childminding charges set for full time childcare by NICMA’s Childminding Advisory Council [made up of working Childminders] are a minimum hourly rate of £3.20 per hour per child. Part time places may be charged at an enhanced hourly rate.  This does not take into account regional variations.

As Childminders are self employed childcarers, they can set their own terms and conditions and therefore the suggested charges are a guideline only.

For further information on childminding fees, contact NICMA on 0871 200 2063.

Minimum Standards


The ‘Minimum Standards’ were launched in July 12 as a means of providing a consistent level of quality for all childminding and daycare services and to ensure a consistent regional approach to registration and inspection.

There are 2 documents relating to Minimum Standards:

  1. Childminding and DayCare for Children under age 12 – Minimum Standards – July 12
  2. Childminding and DayCare for Children under age 12 – Minimum Standards – IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE – July 13

Training on Childminding and Day Care for Children Under Age 12 - the Minimum Standards and Childminding Inspection Process

As a result of the launch of the Minimum Standards the inspection process for childminders has changed.

NICMA & the Trust Early Years teams are currently delivering training sessions as above.  You will receive a letter inviting you to attend according to your inspection date.

It is essential that you attend on the date offered so that you can understand what the Standards mean to you as a childminder as well as understand the new inspection process.  Failure to attend may affect your registration.

Childminding Policies

All registered Childminders must have a range of Policies in place to ensure good practice.

NICMAs policies are available to download FREE OF CHARGE from the Members section of our website as part of NICMA membership OR purchase a full pack of 29 Policies, a template ‘Statement of Purpose’ and NEW Risk Assessment & Fire Log Booklet for non members costing £25 DEDUCTABLE from your first year’s Membership Fee.

Click here for more information and to find out which policies have been updated.

Click here for information on Employers Liability Insurance.


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