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Thursday, April 02, 2015
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Childminder Profile


 ‘Working full time as an account manager for a telecommunication company more often than not I found myself drifting off wondering how my own little daughter was doing at the day nursery. I had mixed emotions; I was very fortunate to be in such a well paid job but money really meant nothing when I fretted day and night about leaving her, especially as she was so very upset when I dropped her off  in the mornings’.

‘I can remember the feeling as I pulled up after work and literally sprinted into the nursery to collect her knowing all too soon it would be the morning and I would have to do it all over again. I kept this going for nearly two years until it started to make me ill. I knew I had to do something to change my work life balance but just what to do or how to do it I had no clue’.

‘There was only one thing I knew for certain and that was I needed to work but I wanted to be at home and I wanted to be the one who cared for our daughter.
A chance poster in a local store got me thinking it also got me very excited... Childminding... This was the perfect solution. I contacted NICMA with my initial enquiry and from that first call the advice and encouragement given to me was great.
Just at around the same time redundancy packages were being offered at work and I took this as a sign and I jumped at the chance’.

‘Shortly afterwards I was contacted by the NICMA Childminding Development Officer who told me about a new project about to start and as I lived in Donaghadee I would be eligible to apply for a place.  I was successful in my application and I joined the Rural Childminding Project. The projects aim was to recruit new childminders to rural areas.  Once the project got under way all of my queries and concerns were addressed. We were supported every step by training including the NICMA ‘Introduction to home based child care’, paediatric first aid and "How to Promote your business" . We were also given a fantastic starter pack that included first aid kit, fire blanket, safety drawer cupboard and plug locks, digital thermometer, a toy and activity chest and contents worth hundreds of pounds and NICMA membership for a year not to mention the support of the Project Co-ordinator Maeve Milne and admin. Support’.

‘In less than 18 months my life had changed dramatically.  I am now a registered childminder with 9 children on my books - my own real life jigsaw puzzle where I juggle to make each piece fit perfectly so I never exceed my numbers. Their ages range between 11 months and 11 years. Some are in full time care, others mornings or afternoons and even one who I only look after one hour each day. I never rejected any enquiry due to hours as being flexible has been the key to my success.  My home is open from 7am to 6pm and I even offer breakfast and dinner if required.
Childminding is extremely hard work but at the same time extremely rewarding. I now have the joy of bringing our own daughter to and from school.  We share our home with other children from different backgrounds and ages. We all are great friends and we all learn from each other’.

‘The best reward for me is when home time comes and parents arrive and my minded children don't want to leave’!!
‘Thank you everyone involved in the Project it has been fantastic’.

Nikki Fullerton

Childminder, Donaghadee

Minimum Standards


The ‘Minimum Standards’ were launched in July 12 as a means of providing a consistent level of quality for all childminding and daycare services and to ensure a consistent regional approach to registration and inspection.

There are 2 documents relating to Minimum Standards:

  1. Childminding and DayCare for Children under age 12 – Minimum Standards – July 12
  2. Childminding and DayCare for Children under age 12 – Minimum Standards – IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE – July 13

The Business Side of Childminding

Got a lot of questions about tax, National Insurance, business records and expenses?

This online tutorial from HMRC will build your confidence by guiding you through everything you need to know to get started. There are useful tips from others who have been where you are now and practical case studies to help you along the way.


Below are the details and links to our April childminder live webinars:

Tues 14th April 7.30pm Childminders

Thurs 30th April 7.30pm Childminders

User Guide for Childminders


This User Guide is based on the Childminding and Day Care for Children Under Age 12 Minimum Standards and has been specifically written for childminders.  It is not a replacement for the Minimum Standards but does cover each Standard, how it applies to you and the minimum you will need to provide for inspection. To download a copy of this document please click here.

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Shopping with NICMA!

Not only can you pay for NICMA Membership online but a variety of publications are also available for purchase in NICMA Shop.
(Members get reduced rates by logging in to the members section and using the Members Shop)

The Books That I Love

Click here to read ‘The Books that I love…’  book reviews compiled by childminders

Date for your diary!

Saturday 17th October 2015 at Bannville House Hotel in Banbridge

NICMAs Annual Conference

Keep an eye out on our website for more information!

Training Update

NICMA are currently updating all training records.

If we do not hold any training details for you, we will have emailed you a list of available courses.

If you have attended training but still received an email it may mean we do not have the correct details.

Please contact us with the dates you completed both Health & Safety and Safeguarding Children and we can amend our records.

Once completed  your certificate for these courses is valid for 3 years.

Tel : 02891 811015


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