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Saturday, October 01, 2016
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Childminding as a Career

Please note that this refers to Childminding within Northern Ireland only.

Pre Registration Briefings

Are you interested in caring for children?

Can you provide a safe, stimulating environment within your home?

Childminding offers the opportunity to:-

  • earn a living by caring for other peoples children in your own home.
  • become a self employed daycare provider.
  • stay at home and care for your own children as well as caring for others.
  • share in the care and development of children from birth to 12 years of age.
  • Be eligible to benefit from the Childcare Tax Credit.

Childminding as a profession

Childminding Regsitration Guidance

Click Here to watch a video: Childminding - Quality care in a professional home from home

What Is A Registered Childminder?

A Registered Childminder is:
"a person who looks after 1 or more children under the age of 12, for more than 2 hours per day, on domestic premises, for reward" - (Children (NI) Order 1995)

  • Registered Childminders are self employed daycare providers who work in their own home to provide care and education for other peoples children within a family setting. They are inspected and registered by Social Services on a regular basis.
  • Registered Childminders may be registered to care for up to 6 children between the ages of 0 - 12 years of age (including their own children)
  • Only Registered childminding is eligible for the Childcare Element of the Working Tax Credit for working parents

What does registration mean?

A Childminder MUST BY LAW register with the local Health and Social Services Trust. The purpose of registration is:

  • To protect children
  • To provide reassurance to parents using childcare
  • To ensure that childminding services meet acceptable standards

To achieve registration a Childminder is required to comply with standards of safety, equipment, numbers of children etc. The home environment is checked to ensure that it meets the standards required and that it is suitable to care for children. References and health checks are required as are criminal record checks on all individuals in the household over the age of 10. The Children (NI) Order 1995 states that registration should be completed within three months of receipt of the completed application form. Following on from registration, childminders are inspected annually by the Health and Social Services Trust.

NICMA recognise that childminding is a professional day care service and as such, the registration process is the first step towards the provision of quality childminding.


Benefits Of Registered Childminding.

Childminding is a unique daycare service for children aged 0 –14 years in that it supports the effective learning of children in their early years by providing opportunities for individual attention as well as the rich learning environment of the home and local community.

If you enjoy working with children and can provide a safe, stimulating, positive environment in your home, then childminding could be the career for you?

Your first step is to contact your local Early Years Team and complete a Childminding Enquiry form.  On receipt of this form, your name will then be forwarded to NICMA and you will be invited to attend a PRE-REGISTRATION BRIEFING SESSION, which will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about childminding as a career.

This session will provide you with information on the role of the registered childminder, the registration process and a brief introduction to what is involved in running your business.  Following the information event, if you still wish to proceed you will be given an application form and all necessary vetting forms to continue.

Minimum Standards for Childminding and Day Care for Children Under Age 12

The Minimum Standards for Childminding & Day Care for Children Under Age 12 which were launched in July 2012 and will ensure quality child care for all children and parents who use registered services. For the first time, they mean that all parents and children who use registered child care can expect to receive a consistent minimum standard of care, no matter where they are in Northern Ireland.

The standards will be used by Health and Social Care Trusts to register and inspect childminding and day care services for children under age 12.

The Standards state that all registered childminders must attend training in 3 core areas:

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Child Protection/Safeguarding
  3. First Aid

A copy of the Standards & the Implementation Guidance can be found at the following link: http://www.hscboard.hscni.net/publications/Policies/031%20DHSSPS%20Early%20Years%20Standards%20-%20July%202012%20-%20PDF%20879KB.pdf


If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Registered Childminder, contact NICMA for a free information pack: "How to become a Registered Childminder" or download NICMA's booklet 'Childminding as a Profession - a guide to registration'.

Please note that this information pack applies to legislative requirements specific to Northern Ireland

The Business Side of Childminding

Self Assessment webinar - ask HMRC staff questions and get answers to help with your returns.

They don’t have access to personal tax accounts so no personal information should be given.

If you haven’t taken part in live webinars before – this is what they need to do to join:

  1. Sign up by providing a name and email address – a link to attend will be sent.
  2. Ask questions in the text box on the screen – this will be explained during the webinar.

Webcams or microphones are not needed  – HMRC will not be able to see or hear you.

The date for our next live webinar for Childminders, including a question and answer session,  is  Wednesday 7th September at 19:00 - 20:00.

Here is the link to enable you to register for this event: Live Childminders Webinar

Please note that a new tax year begins on 6th April 2016 - Further information on what will change (including personal allowances) can be found HERE.

Got a lot of questions about tax, National Insurance, business records and expenses?

This online tutorial from HMRC will build your confidence by guiding you through everything you need to know to get started. There are useful tips from others who have been where you are now and practical case studies to help you along the way.


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Minimum Standards


The ‘Minimum Standards’ were launched in July 12 as a means of providing a consistent level of quality for all childminding and daycare services and to ensure a consistent regional approach to registration and inspection.

There are 2 documents relating to Minimum Standards:

  1. Childminding and DayCare for Children under age 12 – Minimum Standards – July 12
  2. Childminding and DayCare for Children under age 12 – Minimum Standards – IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE – July 13

The Books That I Love

‘The Books that I love…’  book reviews compiled by childminders

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